What do we teach

Irish Stick Fighting



Irish stick, also called bataireacht or boiscin is a little known martial art from Ireland focusing on the combative use of the shilellagh; a stick usually made of blackthorn.

Irish stick fighting was hugely popular in the 18th and 19th century in Ireland and was practiced most often during faction fights but also for duels and self defense. Irish stick fighters became widely known all throughout Europe for their ability to handle a stick.

The art nearly died down in the 20th century and even in Ireland today few people know that it still exists. Thankfully it is undergoing a certain renaissance since the 1990s.

The style we teach is called Antrim Stick. It is a traditional style from Northern Ireland, which dates from at least the 19th century. It is a efficient style focusing on speed and adaptability. Through this style you will learn to use a stick in every range and in multiple situations. The style also contains techniques using different size of sticks, as well as using kicks, grabs and punches.

More information is available here.



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